Manual Tongs

HT Style Tongs

The HT Style Tongs are designed for making up and breaking connections of tubular goods with capacities up to 100,000 ft/lbs. These tongs are designed with more safety features to prevent injury


BJ Style Tongs

The BJ Style Tongs cover all pipe sizes up to 36″ with extension heads in the B series; MKP offers the tongs with torque ratings up to 100,000 ft/lbs. The multiple latch steps on the jaws will cover different size pipe without removing jaws.


Web Wilson Style Tongs

The Web Wilson Style Tongs come with torque ratings from 20,000 – 55,000 ft/lbs for tubing, casing, and drill strings. All tongs are made of cast alloy steel. The interchangeable lug jaw designs permits tongs to handle most pipe sizes up to 13-3/8″. The stirrup-type locking latch reverses the possibility of unlatches under load.



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