MKP Pistons are made to precise tolerances and include a variety of materials yielding extended service life. Piston materials include the following from 3” to 7-1/2” sizes to accommodate for all types of drilling conditions, mud properties and temperatures reaching up to 350°F.

Replaceable Rubber Piston

Made up of a replaceable Nitrile Rubber this Fabric Heel piston is the most cost effective. As long as the piston hub is not worn to indicator marking the rubber can be replaced and used on the existing hub until it becomes too worn.


Long Life Urethane Bonded Piston

Longer service life when used at lower temps under normal drilling conditions. Performs best when paired with Ceramic Liners.


Rubber Bonded Piston

Made of Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber this piston seals better than any other. Performs best in worn liners to get extra life out of the liner and prevent leaks.


High Temperature Bonded Piston

Excellent abrasion resistance and performs in temps up to 350°F



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